Exploring INDIA

India is an extraordinary country. It holds an extremely rich culture, full of diversity with some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. I have been dreaming about going back there, and keep exploring its secret spots, secluded and wonderfully lost.

Along the SEARCH Projects team and Red Bull India, we decided it was about time to get our gliders and explore the North part of India.

As a pilot, flying in India has the particularity to face you to new challenges. You encounter such difficult situations (strong turbulences, no landing options, big wind) that you need to stay focused a 100% and fly at your best. Along with Horacio, we worked as a team and stayed together no matter what.

This expedition has brought, once again, the essence of the SEARCH Projects: putting our sport back into the heart of adventure.

Red Bull X-Alps 2019

For the 9th edition of this Red Bull X-Alps, I decided to switch strategies and gather a team of good pioneers: Diego Lacroix, Gaetan Doligez, Antoine Boisselier and Imaud Verhaegen.  They all excel in different fields and once brought together, they were key for the race in term of: strategy, logistics, analysing weather, and documenting it all…

This race never cease to impress me. Every time, we get surprised with an exceptional itinerary and I am very grateful I get to compete among the best pilots in the world, some of whom became good friends. I can’t wait for the 10th edition!

If you ever wonder what goes on during the Red Bull X-Alps, here is the race from the inside with team Belgium: https://vimeo.com/362274645
Enjoy the view and soak in the adventure!

Hit the X-Alps Road

Let’s get rolling! 

With the winter season ending, flying conditions in the Alps are coming back. Thanks to Volkswagen Belgium, I got to borrow the VW California for my training for the X-Alps and for the race. With Sofia and Jack, we are off to the mountains, ready for some serious flights, ski-touring and skiing sessions. We only took the essential with us, to travel light, and we couldn’t be happier to be living the nomadic lifestyle on board the van. In just four days in Annecy, I got to fly above 3.750m above the Aravis. Doing some long cross country flights and enjoying the snow to complete my training. Having Sofia and Jack next to me gives me a lot of motivation! I can’t wait for the race to start. Let’s wish for blue skies and soft landings 😉

Under My Wing

Tom flew to Colombia to launch his new project Under My Wing along with friend Horacio Llorens. Their goal is to share the passion and teach young locals who are keen to learn how to fly paragliding! Tom and Horacio have taught everything they know about paragliding by organising cross-country flights and acro sessions in the beautiful spots of San Felix in Medellin.


The end of 2018 was highlighted by a fresh new TV Show, EXPLORE by Tom de Dorlodot, launched in collaboration with Club RTL. For six weeks, every Friday night, we introduced a different episode of our biggest expeditions around the World:

  1. Turkey
  2. Africa
  3. Pacific Islands
  4. Madagascar
  5. Pakistan
  6. Sailing Search

You can watch all the episodes on streaming by clicking on the link bellow:


We hope our adventures will inspire you to keep dreaming and never give up on your crazy projects!


Turkey has welcomed us with the warmest people and unique natural attractions.


Flying over 7000m and below -25°C

Although I’ve flown in many places around the world, there is no where else that offers such a unique experience as Pakistan.

The landscape is mystical and gigantic, that when you get here, all those negative thoughts about the country go away and you find out how warm and welcoming the people are. Regardless of being a flying paradise for pilots, Pakistan is a journey back in time, where you reconnect with nature and appreciate the simple things.

Flying the Baltoro glacier and reaching an altitude of 7,458m are for sure the highlights of my flying career.

Red*Bull X-Alps

A race across the Alps

The Red Bull X-Alps is the most fascinating experience I’ve ever had to go through as a pilot. Athletes must race across the Alps, by foot or paraglider, traveling a straight-line distance of over 1,000km.

Aside from the competitive spirit, the race offers a unique bivouac adventure. It makes you go beyond your limits to confront numerous challenges, all in the glorious mountains of the Alps.


The SEARCH team went on a three-month exploration around the Pacific Islands. On board a 15m catamaran, the wind was our guide as we sailed and discovered the beauty of flying above volcanic islands, catching our own food and appreciating the marine environment.


From Egypt to Cape Town

In 2011, we crossed Africa from Egypt to Cape Town. Along with the Amarok and a customized vehicle that used to be an old fire truck, we traveled like nomads and developed our thirst for the unknown and adventure. Horacio Llorens and I accomplished fulfilling flights in the most stunning (and sometimes quite dangerous!) places. From National Parks to the desert, this journey opened us to new horizons and marked the spirit of SEARCH Projects.