Garmin keeps me focused and on track! They are like the brain behind every operation. Their up-to-date devices follow and track me wherever I go, whether I’m up in the sky, crossing a mountain range or sailing. I have a lot of affection for the Garmin team. They are true enthusiasts and they have managed to develop a unique know-how when it comes to technology and adventures.

Starting with their GPS that guided me on my first flights, today I use the complete range: GPS for my road trips and bike tours, the Fenix 5 for my training sessions, the Inreach for my safety and connection when I’m far from civilization.

I always enjoy my visits to Garmin’s main office in Belgium. We always end up exchanging interesting ideas about the future of sports and technology. They know how to combine both disciplines and find new solutions to produce the ultimate device. I leave feeling inspired and always learning something new.