My parents used to take me to school in their Passat and later in my father’s Caddy. I grew-up with Volkswagen. When I got my driving license, I borrowed my dad’s old Caddy and got my freedom. I built a bed in the back of the car and started travelling around Europe in search of good paragliding places. Since then, I can guarantee that I spend more nights sleeping in the back of my car than in my own bed. When Volkswagen came to see me and they lent me my first AMAROK, I decided it was time to expand our trips and start crossing frontiers. We created the SEARCH Projects and crossed Africa from Egypt to South Africa, stopping in 10 countries to fly our gliders. The team at Volkswagen Belgium has always been very supportive and really involved in all my projects. We dream bigger every year and that has led us to a round-the-world trip on board the SEARCH Projects sailboat.